About Ed ~ A Proud #USGUYS Member

Welcome to my space.  If you’re reading this in your pajamas–get cozy and know you’re in good company.  I likely wrote whatever you just read of mine while in my pajamas!  I’m an avid reader, social media evangelist, and self-proclaimed renaissance man who is always excited about helping other people learn how to use collaborative tools to increase market share and visibility.  Hobbies include, writing/journaling, reading, craft making, wood working, baking, cooking, gardening, learning, teaching, and sharing.

I’m a 45 year old Air Force veteran, passionate about learning what makes people tick, understanding dynamics in relationships, filling my own knowledge gaps and trying to be a better person every day.  I try to always see the larger (strategic) picture in every situation to better understand my role/purpose.

I will celebrate 20 years of marriage in June, and have three wonderful children who are home schooled by the skilled attention and care of my wife.  We live on a hobby farm in Nebraska and enjoy spending time together in wide open spaces. I hope you will take the time to comment on my blog posts or write to me @ ed.a.milligan@gmail.com and share your thoughts and passions.

The very best to each of you who subscribe or take the time to read my blog.

2012 Goals

Sell Our Farm: We have a 4.79 acre hobby farm that qualifies for organic status (no chem in 3 years.)  This acreage has a 1910, 4 bdrm home, an orchard, a barn, greenhouse, and a four car garage (two of the stalls were converted into a woodstove/air conditioned workshop.)  If you’re interested in reading about why we’re selling the place you’ll have to read my short blog entry about this ill-timed choice.

Be a Better Husband/Father: We all have room for improvement right?  Well, this year is my 20th wedding anniversary and as a retired Air Force veteran, I know my wife has endured much and tolerated more than I’m sure she ever dreamed she’d have to.  Kids don’t stay the same age–you can’t stop their growth….so, you better enjoy them and invest the time you and they desire before you’re thinking about those opportunities in the past tense.

Blogging Habits: This year I have committed to writing when the mood strikes~last year was once a week (with exception of time during our move.)  I’m also trying to participate in #blogchat on Twitter.  I really love having an outlet for my stream of consciousness dump.  Please, if something I write inspires you or helps you in any way, leave a comment–helps knowing besides hits (traffic statistics) that my words are beneficial to someone other than me.

Tweeting Habits: I tweet daily, even more on the weekends. I retweet using the retweet button as well as copying tweets, adding my two cents, but always giving credit to the source.

Journaling Habits: I have been promising my sister for years to write in a journal to her that she can keep….she keeps sending me journals, and I have yet to send her a completed journal–so, this is the year!


8 thoughts on “About Ed ~ A Proud #USGUYS Member

  1. Hi Ed,
    Love your blog. I always enjoy reading what you have to write. You really have a way with words.
    Keep in touch. Let me know when you have another blog for me to read.
    Love and miss you,

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