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Is “Following” the Right Approach?

Good Evening Everyone,

Okay, really…how many of you with Twitter accounts daily review the postings of “ALL” of those whom you “follow?”  I truly believe that “Follow” is a misleading moniker for the activity that occurs with a Twitter account user.

Wouldn’t it be more fair to say that I “subscribe” to the Tweets of selected individuals?  I subscribe to the newspaper and it comes faithfully to my driveway on a regular basis…but, I dare say I have time enough in my life to “read” every paper that comes to my address.   For those with over 100 followers its a chore to keep up if this is the pivotal ingredient of your marketing efforts.  Even with automating responses and direct messages, how do you ever capture the effectiveness of your efforts?

And how is it that we judge the value of a “good follower?”  Is this a person who faithfully “follows” you back?  Is the goal to collect as many followers as possible?  If so, how quantitative is the analysis on your ROI efforts?  I believe for the most part many people use the number of followers as the new “popularity” contest and “cliques” of this generation…we’ve just moved into the virtual realm.  Social media can  also be a way to take our potential vanity to global levels.

For those in sales, I really would love to see Twitter corporate provide some sort of value statistics for users.  What method is used either by Twitter or a Company to truly assess the profits brought to the coffers as a direct result of social media?

Don’t get me wrong I’m hooked and sold on the idea of social media and what it can do for a brand/image.  I would however, like to see more from a business perspective on how these tools are quantitatively incorporated into mainstream corporate PR, HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Advertising divisions.  If you have some big picture views of the impact of social media that is defined and repeatable–please share!

Have a great week everyone!

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Why I Tweet

Post Updated 9/11/12

What you Get From Me:

Twitter People…You follow me, I’ll follow you

I have nothing to sell, except my thoughts and I share them via Tweets and blog posts.  I tweet and blog to build bridges and roads that currently don’t exist.  When you connect with/follow, comment on, retweet or favorite something I have shared–there a connection has been made.  Albeit a tenuous and fragile connection that must be strengthened to withstand geography and time.

I compose tweets and posts about:

  • Current Events – Sometimes Political, Economic, Social, or Scientific
  • Supervisor/Subordinate relationships – making them better
  • Science and Technology – just because we can doesn’t mean we always should (humans can control their behaviors and discern/collaborate with others on wisest courses of action for our planet/human race)
  • Parenting & Children – little people become adults–treat w/respect & be surprised
  • Religion – I grew out of the one given to me in childhood–finding my own!
  • Relationships, Love & Compassion  – Few people treasure the gift these are, how to find more?

A little bit of personal information:

Work: Full-time government employee, retired US Air Force (20 yrs)
Personal: Married (21 yrs June 2013), three children (twin 17 yr old daughters, 13 yr old son)
Location: United States, Nebraska (by choice)
Interests: Anything that engages my mind, hands, involving learning and engaging others for helpful purposes

Full-disclaimer: I have an entrepreneurial spirit and will some day again have a business of my own, but have learned that with family and a full-time job–that’s enough! So for now, when I have a few spare moments or a fleeting thought I use my DROID and share my thoughts other entrepreneurs may benefit from.

Where’s this century’s Abe Lincoln?

Until next time – I look forward to learning more about you–start a conversation!