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Why I Tweet

Post Updated 9/11/12

What you Get From Me:

Twitter People…You follow me, I’ll follow you

I have nothing to sell, except my thoughts and I share them via Tweets and blog posts.  I tweet and blog to build bridges and roads that currently don’t exist.  When you connect with/follow, comment on, retweet or favorite something I have shared–there a connection has been made.  Albeit a tenuous and fragile connection that must be strengthened to withstand geography and time.

I compose tweets and posts about:

  • Current Events – Sometimes Political, Economic, Social, or Scientific
  • Supervisor/Subordinate relationships – making them better
  • Science and Technology – just because we can doesn’t mean we always should (humans can control their behaviors and discern/collaborate with others on wisest courses of action for our planet/human race)
  • Parenting & Children – little people become adults–treat w/respect & be surprised
  • Religion – I grew out of the one given to me in childhood–finding my own!
  • Relationships, Love & Compassion  – Few people treasure the gift these are, how to find more?

A little bit of personal information:

Work: Full-time government employee, retired US Air Force (20 yrs)
Personal: Married (21 yrs June 2013), three children (twin 17 yr old daughters, 13 yr old son)
Location: United States, Nebraska (by choice)
Interests: Anything that engages my mind, hands, involving learning and engaging others for helpful purposes

Full-disclaimer: I have an entrepreneurial spirit and will some day again have a business of my own, but have learned that with family and a full-time job–that’s enough! So for now, when I have a few spare moments or a fleeting thought I use my DROID and share my thoughts other entrepreneurs may benefit from.

Where’s this century’s Abe Lincoln?

Until next time – I look forward to learning more about you–start a conversation!




Eternal Optimist, Writer, Music Lover, Avid Gardener, Science & Tech Admirer, Cook, Baker and Social Networking Encourager

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