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Presidential Candidates – Winners are Doomed to NOT Meet Expectations

Obama didn’t have a chance…neither did Bush, or Clinton. My wife and I have had a few political discussions recently about who would possibly make a great combination for a winning ticket. We feel that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice would be an incredible one-two punch. They both have experience in domestic and foreign relations, tremendous political clout, and gravitas enough to make it through the scrutiny of even the most sage pundits.

However, one problem that plagues our political system is the stuck situation we are currently in with a two party system. The Republicans and Democrats are the never ending feuding siblings. All debates are designed to prove for one candidate, an “I’m better than you” result. Just look at the voting coverage on the major news networks who replay the comments and show us metrics of the audience reaction. This agonizing period of the election process only poises both party’s members and constituents for a combative and quarreling, tit-for-tat volley until the eventual “winner” is determined. By the time of the inauguration, the losing party is already planning how they can delay, constipate or otherwise subvert the opposing party’s agenda. How can we ever logically conclude that the House or the Senate will ever put the American people as their first priority? I don’t want my elected officials planning how they are going to undo what the current or previous leader changed. I want them all putting their heads together and figuring out how to do it right the first time! This House and Senate are no exception to the “doesn’t play well with others” description. Public education, health care, energy, the deficit, social security, unemployment, housing…these are issues that need a planned road to health and resolution sooner than later. Every delay costs us more, and further complicates the resolution.

When I hear of how much the party’s are spending on their November election campaigns, the first question through my head is “How in good conscience can any politician justify the expense when their own state budgets are in deficit situations and are forced to cut education programs and public servant salaries?” I do not understand this logic. I’m tired of the fraternity mentality associated with politics–its not a game people, we’re talking about the future generations. What kind of legacy are we passing onto our children? Can we honestly look them in the face and say we have done our utmost to be the best stewards of all resources in our trust? Two generations from now when some bored mathematician in a statistics class crunches the numbers, he or she will give us an “F” on the work effort applied to the legacy they’ve inherited if something doesn’t change.

My vote is to either require there be more than two parties or eliminate the party system altogether. My hope and desire is that Americans are doing candidate research on their own, and limiting their exposure to network news and paid political advertisements. There’s an agenda behind every talking head with our current system. How about voting for a person because of their leadership, visionary, logic, and facilitator skills. Our country is in desperate need of restoration to a state of responsibly, compassionately, and judiciously protecting and defending our Nation’s priorities–the people first!!! We have plenty of tools/technology/vision/enthusiasm/spirit and pride in our culture…we just lack a government body, due to our bureaucracies, whose energies are focused on the correct enemy–bureaucracy.

When I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic 25 years ago….I paid attention to those last three words. We really are our own worst enemy when we allow such petty bickering and stubbornness to get in the way of carrying the torch for the next generation. We lack discipline, leadership, and embarrassingly, its all by choice! Vote by fact, not feeling or infomercial people.

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