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A Nebraska Hike~Pondering Life

I promised myself I wouldn’t use this platform to only preach about soap box issues.  There are so many aspects to our humanity, but we tend to live in just a few.  So here I’ll branch out and drop a few thoughts that have passed through my head over the last week.

A week ago yesterday I was working late (6:30) assuming like other days that I would just finish up and run home.  I tripped coming up out of my chair to write a note to myself on the whiteboard.  After sitting back down to see if my shoes were untied, I realized I couldn’t feel the knee that my arm was resting on as I peered over to look at my shoe.  I put it off as something  like any other limb that would eventually wake up.  I drove home and spent the night on the couch since Robyn was down taking care of her parents.  I hate sleeping in bed alone.

Robyn returned the next day and we prepared for our taxi date shuttling the kids around.  The girls had a Phantom costume party and Josh had a costume party at the gym he goes to for tumbling.  In between we stopped off at a sports bar and watched the 2nd half of the Nebraska game before dropping off Josh.  Robyn and I spent our time getting a Starbucks and walking around Walnut Creek and watched the moon.  It was a perfectly glorious fall evening.

Sunday we went for a hike in Schramm State Park.  I’ve attached several pictures I took with my Droid:

These are thumbnails so you can take a closer look by clicking the pictures.

Anyway, that hike would begin the loss of feeling in my left leg.  The hike was difficult for me but I didn’t say much until after we parted company with our friends we had asked to join us.

Monday my right foot kicked the steps a couple of times as I was climbing the stairs, so that was enough to convince me to call the doc.  He did a quick exam and made a referral to a neurologist for Friday.  Wednesday when I got dressed for work I couldn’t even feel my right leg at all.  There have been periods of weird sensation, prickly, numb, vibrating, and excruciating muscle fatigue (kinda like having your muscles put through a meat grinder.)  The doctor said it’s a post-viral autoimmune response.  My whole family was sick a couple of weeks ago.  Both of my daughters had fevers with 103 degree temps.  I never got sick–thought I escaped…apparently not.  The diagnosis yesterday was Guillain Barre Syndrome, otherwise known as French Polio.   Luckily I have a mild case (  I was thankful for my diagnosis because I had fears of MS or some other debilitating disease.

This condition and the forced healing time for me is a wake-up call.  I take too much for granted and live too much in the future.  Life and getting the most out of living is in the here and now.  Mentally we get caught up in planning and preparing for how life is going to be.  We obligate ourselves to responsibilities that require any available time remaining be committed to upkeep of these inanimate, impersonal, non-nurturing possessions.  We men are especially gifted at dreaming and scheming–impelled by the fantasy of an ideal but unprepared and uninterested in the grueling reality.

Well, I’m going to take a moment to live in the moment.  Cheers everyone!  Enjoy this weekend…



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