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May, Might, Could, Can, Should…But Don’t

Do you?  Are you one of many humans out there who is really great at listening to friends problems, seeing obstacles and solutions and making recommendations to help them pick themselves up and press on, move ahead, and get back in the groove?  If so, do you also fit into that category of people who are better at saying but rarely doing yourself?

Well, I’m here to tell you, life is short in the grand scheme of things.  For the sake of this post, think of yourself as one of those toys that you buy for your kids that comes with a battery built in.  When the battery dies…the toy loses value in the eyes of your kid.  We have a finite existence that has a different life-span for each of us, but we each have one chance to make the most of our lives.

Why then, do we spend so much of our time asking and telling ourselves and others that we may, might, could, can, should our would, but don’t actually follow through with being, doing, choosing, creating, living….in the moment?  When we are pre-pubescent and teenagers, we are strapped into the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs.  When we become parents, we pine for the days when “we didn’t have responsibility” or we look at other peoples lives and see the lack or absence of excitement in our own?  Eventually, our bodies wear out and we are physically no longer able to do or be all that we desire, and it’s too late.  Once again, we find ourselves this time, feebly strapped into the merri-go-round of unfulfilled desires and dreams.

People, its time to wake up!  Every waking moment is an opportunity!  It’s as simple as making a choice to not waste your time in a boring job or sitting in front of the computer or TV anesthetizing yourself out of true action-filled living.  If it sounds like I’m preaching, I need to hear these words just as much as the next guy/gal.  We can make a difference in our own and the lives of others by choosing to choose!  Live, be, create, dream, but please whatever you do—start living, acting, doing, being present in the here and now and making a difference!

I challenge you to challenge yourself.  Even though this is the weekend to make your clocks “fall back”, make sure your internal clock is set to lean forward and accomplish–good luck and let me know if you need encouragement!



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