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Because of You…

Reflecting on the meaning of the life of my Grandmother
I realize that every person in our lives provides meaning
Adds value and context to our existence
Helps define your place in the world

Mentally walk with me a moment
Strawberries, Bananas, Christmas Trees, Fresh Cut Grass
If you pop a pistachio nut or a peppermint into your mouth…
You name the sensory stimulus (a song, a flavor, a smell)
These scents and flavors immediately transport you
To a specific place and time

People, I realize do the same for me
When someone comes to visit you that you haven’t seen in a while
Or that certain someone stops by the office or calls out of the blue
That expression, their eyes, voice, smile, their walk or laugh
Fill out and remind, reassure, and reaffirm the meaning of
your relationship with them and their purpose or value to you

Some people’s voices are like a hug, a rush of excitement
Or bring to you that warm comforting familiarity
Remind you that there are more ways to live life
Bring a sense of reassurance that everything’s going to be just fine
So to each of you who have played a part, entered stage right into my life
Thanks, to all of you, for adding context, providing meaning
For being…!



Eternal Optimist, Writer, Music Lover, Avid Gardener, Science & Tech Admirer, Cook, Baker and Social Networking Encourager

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