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Help for a Holiday Heartache

One of my employees, a veteran, has a fiance in Manilla.  He has been attempting since August to get her Visa approved to come join him in the United States.  Part of the approval process is that she must have documentation from each country she has visited.  There is also the issue of a medical exam which is only valid for six months and time is running out.  Lebanon has already provided necessary documentation, but now the major stopping points are:

  • Confusion at the U.S. Embassy in Manilla (they have her passport)
  • Police clearances from Bahrain and Qatar

He plans to take this issue up with the Nebraska State Immigration office  on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, but just in case the wheels of democracy run in traditional bureaucratic fashion, I want to be able to provide additional options for him.

I am not asking for money or for you to “DO” anything except perhaps use the power of your networks within social media to help me help my friend bring his fiance home in time for the holidays.  Please re-blog and ReTweet the Tweet that brought you to my post and spread the word–time is of the essence.

I do not wish to post his or her personal information but I will be providing this blog post link to him.  If you can help, please reply to this post with your contact information or the contact information of someone who can provide assistance.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Let’s see if there’s any truth to the power behind crowd-sourcing.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all who take the time to read.



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