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Temperamental Tweeters

I have several things to share with you about my experience/observations with Twitter this week. In the process of venting you’ll discover several things about me – those who dare follow.

First off, I’m normal, I’m human, I’m not a machine and I don’t Tweet for a specific audience. I also don’t have my account set up with automated Tweeting software to just recycle the same repetitive content over and over again. Go ahead, look through my timeline. Every single Tweet is a hand-typed original out of my very own head. If there’s something in my timeline that looks like a quote and there is no credited author, it came out of my thoughts, heart, and observations. I love people-watching. I learn the most about people through observing behavior.

If you’re not a business selling something, what you post will have Tweeters flocking to you or leaving you in droves.

Content Matters: If you have Democrats following you and you post something positive about a Republican or other perspective, people will stop following you. If you say something positive about a company (being a miserly shopper) say Amazon, you’ll have people leaving you in droves because of their recent situation with the news media criticizing them for selling questionable material. Just because I shop at a store or say something positive about an experience doesn’t mean I’m a supporter of a specific action they took. To boycott a person or a business because there’s one thing they have done or are doing is saying more about you than them. Amazon will stay in business because they’re huge, they provide amazing service, and can because of size squash the competition. Is my not buying from them or any other company because of their hiring practices or sales strategy going to even be remembered on my deathbed, NO. Life’s too short to be so conditional in my acceptance of others. I’d never meeting anybody interesting if I had a checklist of things they must do and must not do in order to be acquaintances or friends.

Here’s the Tweet about Amazon that caused the exodus from fickle followers:
“Comparing prices Amazon beat other online retailers w/free shipping for most all of our Christmas shopping (Books, CDs, DVDs, & Games)”

Politics: I state in another blog entry that I’m a Liberdemublican–I mean that literally! Okay, I know there’s no such thing but I considered my beliefs and decided that I’m a little bit of everything (I’d like to think the best of each). Some might try to label me a Centrist or an Independent–whatever, my bottom line, I believe in common sense. There are too many people out there who literally follow the crowd and adopt the loudest or most popular soapbox in order to be accepted. I dance to the beat of my own drum…don’t fence me in!

Marketing: I believe in promoting people and businesses not because I’m being paid, but because there’s something about them that I find admirable and commendable–nobody is perfect and does everything right all the time. I follow people because they follow me or because I stumbled across them in a search result. Right now I’m at my limit because of Twitter’s account limitation of 2000 followers….until more people follow me, I can’t follow more than that number. Ridiculous rule because I’d like to follow everyone who follows me by choice (not software automation.) If I follow you and you say something I don’t agree with, I’m not going to stop following you. Here are the reasons I will unfollow:

1) Your account appears to be dead (no posts within last 90 days)
2) You set your account automated autospam (the Twitter feed craps out 10 posts in 1 minute)
3) Every one of your posts is filled with expletives, trashmouth or you flame others constantly
4) You never respond or interact–your timeline is only filled with YOU

Don’t take yourself so seriously! I have a sense of humor and appreciate others who do too. One example of a Tweet that caused up-tight conservatives to leave me in droves was this post I retweeted from Ellen Degeneres this week:

“This may not be the best Christmas present this year.

Good Lord you’d think I defamed the Queen! Amazing how your value as a human being in all the facets that make up the person you are can be flushed down the toilet with a simple click on the keyboard… “Unfollow”

I don’t care if you’re black, white, skinny, fat, conservative, liberal, gay, straight, serious, funny, rich, poor. No matter your circumstance, if you have the courage to be out here in the public forum, I’m interested in WHO you are, WHAT you have to say, and WHY you’re out here in the first place. I care about people of all kinds because you may have something to share or teach me that I would otherwise never be exposed to or have the opportunity to learn in my limited geographical existence. We have far more in common than the things which obviously separate us.

Okay, enough for this post. If I keep on I’ll start repeating myself. Thanks for reading and I welcome any comments.




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