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I trust all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your friends and family.  Christmas 2010 was a great day here in Weeping Water. We started the morning off with my wife making a Christmas Cinnamon loaf (pictured below ~ kind of like a coffee cake) and everyone opening up stockings.

(a little like coffee cake)

I received several wardrobe updates (badly needed). I bought my wife  a necklace and some great knitting items and a two-year membership to The Knitting Guild Association (  We bought our children lots of music, books, games and other items to encourage their creativity.  Oh, and I broke down and bought a Wii!  Tomorrow I’ll have to figure out how to set it up. This evening we took a meal down to the in-laws and visited for a few hours.

I’m excited about the New Year because there are so many things I’m looking forward to accomplishing.  In addition to selling our hobby farm using newspaper and social media advertising, I plan to start back to school and finish my degree.  I need to lose a few pounds  as well and I’ve decided to just get off my duff and hit the gym.  If I feel brave enough I’ll have my wife take a before …. and hopefully by summer I’ll have an after picture to post side-by-side when goals are achieved!

I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts ~ really helps to clear the mind and get muddled thoughts out of your head.  Feel free at any time to chime in and share your thoughts/experiences. Next few days will be spent enjoying family time and cheering on the Huskers!   Good night all!



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