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Why New Years Resolutions Rarely Work ~ How to Make Sure Yours Stick

Many people embark upon a new year with great intentions–vowing to themselves to be committed and change their lives.  Many invest in bicycles, running shoes, memberships, new computers, you name it!  The hope is that somehow, the acquisition will guarantee a change of habits, or a new “me!”

Well, if you haven’t yet embarked upon your resolution, there’s hope. You must be realistic and find what fits into how you already do life for the desired changes to become part of your daily life.  These three simple steps will ensure you develop good habits of personal investment:

Take inventory: What is your current schedule, commitments and available time?

Find What Works: Start with 10 minutes of writing/drawing/designing; 20 minutes (with a timer) of cleaning/reorganizing; 20 minutes of exercise (start with walking or something manageable)

Be Consistent: Find a regular (recurring) space in your schedule that you can afford to squeeze in those extra 20 or 30 minutes (you normally are procrastinating or lounging) and mark it as sacred personal investment time.  Using the same time slot every day is important to help you feel a commitment to yourself, and to begin to see progress.

Remember, life is short…you can buy the best diet program, fitness membership, new clothes and technology, but the only way to develop new skills and abilities to become a new you, is to take action.  The more complicated and expensive it is, the less likely it is that by Dec 31, 2011 you’ll still be doing what you set out to do Jan 1, 2011.   Do what you can, where you can.  Grandiose plans and intentions are often neglected and quickly fade away into memory–without the results.

Good luck to you!  Remember, if you need a little encouragement along the way, you can always tweet a shout out to me @justasked

Happy New Year!



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