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Giving Birth to Blog Ideas

This is a short post to accompany a new poll I’ve created.  There are several things that trigger the genesis of a blog for me.  Please take a minute and share what triggers a blog idea for you!

For me, conversations with my wife, kids, boss or co-workers will create a mental alarm in my head as a topic that I feel impelled to explore further either from a personal opinion perspective or from a research and share perspective.  In either case, I have a compulsion to share because I hope that others will benefit from the ideas or thoughts I share.  I also hope too that some may find help or personal benefit and learn from my experiences.   This is also partly why I will read and share blogs or tweets of others.

Anyway, I thank you for visiting my blog and participating in this poll.  I’ll make a blog post to share what I have learned as a result of posting my first poll.  I wish all who read a very prosperous and productive week.  Stay safe and remember to cherish those who cherish you!



Eternal Optimist, Writer, Music Lover, Avid Gardener, Science & Tech Admirer, Cook, Baker and Social Networking Encourager

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