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Grumpy Old Man Predicts Demise of USPS

As he harrumphed out of the Post Office I thought to myself–now this is worth a blog entry!

I took a short break from work today to mail a care package to a friend overseas.  Not having mailed a package over the ocean blue before, I arrived at the counter and was promptly asked for my customs form.  She read my raised eyebrow and upturned “huh?” expression like a seasoned customer service rep!  She handed a blank form to me with a smile, and I stepped aside.  “Now press hard” the clerk said, “it has to go through all seven copies hon!”

I was about to “press hard” when I heard the door open and looked up just in time to see a short older man with a baseball cap shuffle into the room.  As he approached the counter, he stopped with a grunt when he noticed me.  “Go ahead sir, I have to fill out a  form.”  I offered.

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...
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With his three legal-sized letters in hand he slowly approached the clerk.  His chin hovered maybe four inches above the counter.  “How do I make sure these are going to get where they need to go?” he asked.  Teresa (her name tag advertised) said, “Most people just send those certified,”  noticing two were addressed to the IRS.  As she handed him two blank certified receipts, he asked “What am I supposed to do with those?”  “Well….you’ll need to put the addresses on them?” she patiently replied with a slightly bemused expression.  “I already wrote it on the G_ _ Da_ _ envelope!  That’s why the USPS is going to fail and other companies are going to take business away from you!  Ya hafta make things so difficult!”  He looked in my direction with a swaggered expression, non-verbally fishing for support from the customer side of the counter.  I released an audible chuckle, and went back to filling out my form.  After taking his receipt, he lumbered back outside.  Now ready with my completed form, I withheld the urge to commiserate with Teresa and applaud her patience.  I paid the $22.90 fee to ship my eight pound, nine ounce package to my friend, thanked Teresa and went back out to my vehicle.  The grumpy old man was still getting into his vehicle.  Reflecting with fondness and humor on his perspectives, I found shelter from the wind and snow in my van and returned to work.

Later in the afternoon on a break I posted the following tweet on Twitter:

“2remain relevant @USPS shld consider automating its in-person forms processing. Scan handwritten addresses for Cert/Regist form data! #tip

I am so thankful for the discovering yet another coping mechanism for irritating and frustrating situations!  As a writer, every event is a writing opportunity.  Viewing life through the eyes of a storyteller turns every annoyance into raw material for the keyboard or journal.  I’ve always enjoyed people-watching!  Now I have another facet to this hobby I can explore.  It also allows me to step back and use an analytical eye to see if there’s an easy way to resolve an issue, or turn a challenge into opportunity.

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4 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man Predicts Demise of USPS

  1. Good post and so true. Because of all the custom forms and rules I elected not to sell on ebay out of the US. Too much government regulations to follow wasn’t worth the expense and time.

    1. Thanks Pam. I know you speak from experience. I’m impressed with how many Americans are beating the drum of entrepreneurial success like you and Mark It’s the smaller, more agile business persons like yourself who will survive long after the mighty tumble. Cheers to you. I hope you have a great weekend!

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