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Humanity, Our Common Threads-Shame Upon Us

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What we share is stronger than that which divides ~ We Are One!

My whole life I have felt a great passion for the underdog…those who are easily misunderstood, taken advantage of, or dismissed because of their appearance, color, status, faith, or circumstance.  I have heard firsthand the reports of a holocaust survivor when she addressed a group of patient listeners.  At the age of 76 she is touring the globe to share her story so that others may help join the attitude and practice of tolerance.  Greg Mortenson is another example of someone who spreads the message of encouragement in his book Three Cups of Tea.

I am enthused and my spirit joins in celebration for those in the Middle East who fight for freedoms and basic human rights.  Just like in the animated movie Bugs Life, there’s a growing awareness among people all over that if they unite, no monstrous dictator can keep them oppressed.  There’s great power in numbers of a people united.

In this great country, on this forgiving planet, we have too much to lose, and everything to gain in finding unity between and freedom for all peoples.  Let us not allow differences of ideas, feelings, interests, location, stature, wealth, circumstance or the color of our skin, to turn us into creatures of destruction!  We all, if given opportunity and encouragement, are creators.  My wish for all who read this is courage to take risks, and determination to overcome obstacles.

Just yesterday I heard  an upsetting story on NPR about hate speech laws and how they differ between countries.  I believe it is possible to protect our rights of freedom of expression without verbally abusing another human being to degrade another human life.  It saddens me deeply to see images of protestors carrying signs “expressing their views” at the expense of others. Some of you may have seen the cover story on CNN’s website yesterday with pictures of the Westboro Baptist Church protestors.

Criticize ideas, ask questions about the motivation of others…but carrying a sign on national television asking for people to “pray for more dead soldiers” is a cowardly insidious evil that we currently allow.   The person carrying that sign would feel quite differently if they were a citizen of another country under the rule of a dictator.  If your freedom of expression causes deep shame within others to be part of your race–perhaps, just maybe…the world would be a better place if you had patience for yourself and chose to shelve your expression.  When you meet the people you scorn and criticize, take the time to get to know them from the single hat we all wear (humanity), you’ll find that there’s little difference between us.



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