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Tales & Adventures of the Sale of a 100 Year Old Home!

Acreage For Sale
100 Year Old Home for Sale By Owner

Here’s just a peek at what one home-owner goes through in prepping a 100 year old house to sell.  If the chore list isn’t long enough for the work that needs done outside a home….goodness, you just can’t believe the list for inside!  They say timing is everything, but yeah…no kidding, who has the answer to that cliche?  No time is ever perfect to begin such an endeavor.  If the economy isn’t in the toilet, then its the toilet that needs work!  Now we’ve watched our share of Home & Garden Television (HGTV.)  But after seeing the incredible transformations on TV, you look around your own house and wonder, where’s all my enthusiastic supporters?

So, starting off with that simple and fresh coat of neutral paint…who knew that the perfect blue tape you use to keep from painting parts you don’t want to are just going to rip the old paint you want to keep right off?  I mean really?  Who designs this crap…or maybe I just didn’t read the fine print.  Another thing about the walls–they tell you to “de-personalize” the walls so the prospective home buyer will be able to visualize their stuff in your space…its also supposed to make the room look bigger!  Of course they don’t mention the impact–moods of teenager occupants of these rooms your de-personalizing. Sighhh–who knew you’re making them put away their icons of comfort?

Bambi and Her Mother
Bambi and Her Mother in the Orchard

It just never seems to end! You finish one room and it looks so good you just can’t leave the next room like it is…its like potato chips–can’t stop with just one!  So the saga continues and today I broke down and bought $150 in 12X12 ceramic tiles to lay in the laundry room to get rid of the cheap sticky-backed linoleum tiles.  With that project yet to do and the repair to the front steps, hanging a new ceiling fan in the living room and planting the front flower bed–I’d say all of my free time is booked until our first Open House scheduled for 8 May…yes, that’s Mother’s Day!  You gotta strike while the iron is hot.  We’re getting all sorts of gawkers coming by our place now that Spring has decided to grace us!

One thing I must say I’m grateful for is YouTube! Amazing resource for anybody looking for answers and how-to demonstrations for all those odd tasks/jobs.  You can find a lot of professionals who do construction or remodeling for a living who share their ideas/expertise.  One site I found with a lot of helpful videos and information is

Well, I really wish I could spend more time sharing with you, but the rest of the plastic Easter Eggs need to be stuffed for tomorrow’s hunt, and I’ll be getting up early to make French Breakfast Puffs for the kids.  Take care everyone and Happy Easter!

The pictures are ours…. of our house that we are selling ourselves and of deer in the orchard (orchard has nine fruit trees).

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