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My First TweetUp!

A friend of mine, Brian Smith,  who works at Rebel Interactive, invited me to a local TweetUp on Facebook.  Looking at the confirmed event attendees list I saw that Katie Knapp Schubert, from my most listened to radio station KIOS-FM was going to be there!  I have an awfully long commute to work each day and I have heard her voice for the last several years. I’m the type that achieves a certain level of satisfaction in being able to put a face to a name, so I just had to go.

California Tacos and More was the location of the event.  I had completed my homework and made a list of all the Facebook confirmed attendees–I annotated what line of work each attendee is in and was prepared to experience my first TweetUp.  It sounds simple enough, but I didn’t want to make any assumptions about what I was going to get out of it.  I arrived a few minutes after 12pm to a long line of people.  The place is rather smallish but the food is absolutely wonderful.  I recognized one of the ladies from her Facebook profile and recognized the familiar bubbly infectious “social media” user personality.  I realized right then, regardless of the purpose/outcome, I was bound to have a good time.

I introduced myself to Marjorie and carried on conversation with her and two other people who joined.  After ordering my food and sitting down with my drink, a gentleman by the name of Jim sat down right across from me.   He was a cattle farmer and said he was adding poultry to his farming operation and wanted to get his organic product into food stores.  Well, little did he know that I recently returned from a visit to my brother-in-law from Arkansas who just received his NPIP Certification for his Microbiology/Chemistry Lab.  NPIP stands for National Poultry Improvement ProgramWhitbeck Laboratories is one of the few privately owned laboraties in the Nation which is authorized to conduct Salmonella testing and consult with chicken farmers backed by the standards required by the USDA.  He passed onto me two documents that he put together about his operation with his contact info and asked if I would pass them on.

After finishing my meal I decided to chat a little more to Katie from KIOS-FM and sitting next to her was a gal named Jennifer.  She just happened to be a CBS Home Real Estate representative.  After discussing my families plans to sell our home and purchase one closer to downtown Omaha, she offered to do whatever paperwork necessary to obtain approval from our bank to become an authorized agent for my banks Movers Advantage program.  I met several other fine outgoing people.

All of the attendees were folks I could imagine meeting up for coffee just to hang out, or play board games, watch movies, or go camping with them.  It was amazing how comfortable I was amongst strangers.  I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised because the crowd at this TweetUp are probably representative of the social culture that is fairly open-minded, flexible, positive people.  Conversation varied between personal / professional…typical “getting to know you” type discussion.  If you have never been to a TweetUp, I highly recommend it.  Just remember, you don’t have to be an expert user of Twitter to tweet or attend a TweetUp.  Everybody starts somewhere!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Follow me on Twitter @justasked.



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