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Blogger’s/Writer’s Block or Thought Tornado

My personal journey with writer’s paralysis…mood, motivation, prioritization, and other obstacles.

Temporary Actors in the Cast of Spring
Fading and Temporary Beauty

The choice to move from one location to another causes great upheaval and conflicts of priorities.  Its difficult enough to contemplate major life changes for yourself; its especially challenging when you add the duties of family and a full-time job.  How/where/when you choose to split your energies can be exhausting.  With a house finally selected, and the majority of projects completed at our existing residence, we see the light at the end of the stress tunnel.  However, all the actions required to get to this point has derailed my goals of writing a blog post every week in 2011.

I am finding that getting back into the groove/routine and feeling motivated in coming up with original material that isn’t cliche is daunting.  During day-to-day conversations at work or with family and friends, we’ll engage in conversation that makes me think–“Oh that’s a great blog topic–I’ll have to explore that!”   Later, I end up either forgetting (because I didn’t write down a teaser note) the topic/scenario, or I’ll discount it as not being a read-worthy entry.

So, I have to stop making excuses about what I write, why I’m writing and just “Do it!”  Each day I am learning something new about myself, others, or the world around me.  I enjoy sharing how I see the world.  Here’s a perspective that makes me very melancholy:

With twin daughters approaching sweet sixteen and a son who will turn 12 in November, I’m feeling the train of time rapidly bearing down upon me.  I look at the irises just outside the fence of the orchard and notice they are at the end of their season.  Their light purple blossoms once vibrant, strong and scented, have surrendered to the beating sun and fatiguing winds…bent over, shriveled, now brown husks.  A few final perky blooms persist like little kids who aren’t quite ready to go to bed.  They were beautiful at the beginning of their glory, and served valiantly their role in the cast of spring characters.  It is time now for the peonies and the roses to take center stage.  As a 44 year old man, with teen daughters, I see that just like the irises, I too am entering the end of my season as a main character in the cast of their story.  Like the roses, my girls are entering their bloom and taking center stage.

So, back to my writing…the act of preparations for moving both at work and at home has created quite an emotional storm.  My observations both entertain and distract me; taking me on mental trips reflecting upon the past or visualizing into the future.  I tend to marinate in my meditations…in hopes of finding what I’m supposed to learn from each situation. Some might say I overthink or read too much into a situation.  I am working on trying to achieve a healthy balance between critical thinking and letting it be.  I guess NOT carrying around my blogging palette (a small notebook) lately to record all the ideas that I have causes me to feel like a lot of objects swirling around in a tornado of thoughts.

Reading other people’s blogs helps me to see “other ways” of sharing views and perspectives.  I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of the “10 Ways to…______(fill in the blank)” types of blog entries.  I also deeply appreciate those who share their vacations, research and experiences with relationships (either people or animals.) So, I’ll try to get back to my regular writing routine in spite of the hectic pace of life.  It really doesn’t take me very long to wring out the texts of my mind and I find it very therapeutic.

I thank you all for taking a few minutes to read my post.  Feel free to leave your thoughts, observations, or questions.  Have a great week!

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In Limbo (House Hunting & Selling)

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Transitioning from one home to another is an activity one must handle with a great deal of patience and humor!

The whole month of May we’ve been cleaning, fixing, painting, packing–you name it, we’ve done it!  We’ve chosen a new

home and hope to close in June.  In the interim, we’re holding Open Houses on our existing home and thinking of where we’re going to place our possessions in the new home.  I’ve learned so much about prospective buyers over the last two Sundays.  Open Houses are interesting and are definitely an education in marketing/advertising, and communications.  You can tell by comments, body language, and other non-verbals whether a couple is very interested or if they are just looking to expand their awareness of what’s available.

FSBO 4.79 Acres, 4Bdrm 1910 Home
FSBO 4.79 Acres, 4Bdrm 1910 Home

The more we searched in the process finding our new home (both online, and with a Realtor) the more critical and selective we became.  In the end we settled on the first house we physically viewed.  The language used in these transactions/negotiations is interesting as well:  Interest, points, concessions, deposits, appraisals, inspections, escrow, closing, qualification.

You really have to do your homework and know what your bottom line is in making a huge purchasing decision.  If you’re a buyer, I totally recommend working with a reputable Realtor who is working to build his/her business based upon word-of-mouth referrals.  A good buyer’s agent will listen to your needs and advocate for your bottom line in dealing with the sellers.  I couldn’t be happier so far with our CBS Home Realtor!

It is encouraging to see so much interest in our acreage so far.  Tomorrow the report for existing home sales for the month of April will be released.  I fully expect the numbers to be significantly higher than this same time last year.  With interest rates dropping, I’m putting faith in the improved market that someone qualified and interested in an acreage with a move-in ready home will soon be making an offer.