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Writer’s Rapture Unrequited

The alluring mental cinema flickers;
visiting just long enough to hook me
then vanishes like a dream upon waking,
when I attempt to preserve in prose

Places with smells from yesterdays
Foods embedded with maternal memories
Feelings rise without warning of the flood
Injecting hair raising literary adrenaline

These brief encounters of sight and smell
trigger boldness and resurrect confidence
driving instinct and insistence without apology
holding hostage my rapt attention and wonder

A dog barks, a siren sounds, the door slams
Suddenly, the spell is broken and time begins again
Torn by the fading story line and the present crashing in,
with sadness I address reality and mourn the flash

Oh fleeting phantom who overpowered me
where are you now, you teasing haunt?
So palpable and demanding, you possessed me!
But now render me rubbish and discarded

I sit staring, trying to recall the essence
retracing my mental steps in hopes of recapture
for just a moment I know I felt complete! Tick tock
The crickets chirp and the screen stares back at me…

Original Poem Written By:  Ed Milligan, 9 September 2011



Eternal Optimist, Writer, Music Lover, Avid Gardener, Science & Tech Admirer, Cook, Baker and Social Networking Encourager

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Rapture Unrequited

  1. I love this site, particularly the photographs, do you take them your self? Around Scotland we are blessed having a great wide variety of flora, the most amazing of which are in all likelihood the spring flora. Am I Allowed To use some of the images for my blogging site? I’d back link any here of course. Alexis Dean

    1. Alexis,
      Many of the flower and scenery pictures on my site are photos I’ve take myself using my DROID X. You’re welcome to use any that I’ve taken. I do use some from Wikipedia (public domain) for articles I write when I just have a lot to vent about or get things off of my chest. Thanks for reading my blog and best of luck to you in your blogging ventures. You’ll see more scenery pictures soon because I took several new photos today while my family was out hiking at Schramm State Park.

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