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How to Recoup Bookshelf Space

Okay, call me a throwback for suggesting that people still like hardbound books and magazines.  I am one of those who will always treasure the look, feel, smell and tactile experience of page turning.  No matter how technologically advanced we get, I’ll always prefer the portability of a nicely bound window into another persons view of the world without worrying about my ability to read due to dying batteries, a virus, or electronic dependencies. Consuming Shelf Space

So, if you’re like me and my family, bookshelf space is a valuable and limited commodity.  Since we recently moved, I have found several boxes of year’s worth of magazine subscriptions to some of my all-time favorites like Handyman, Organic Gardening, Mother Earth News, GRIT, and others.  However, as you can see from the picture I’ve included, just one season alone can consume a good deal of bookshelf real estate!  So, I’ll share with you a simple, yet practical solution to save what you treasure about your magazines and allow you to reclaim some of that shelf space!

Take those stacks off the shelf and bring a few with you the next time you have to go to the dentist office or the emergency room with a sick child.  Make sure you also bring along an empty folder with pockets.  Your task is simple, as you go through each magazine, tear out the pages that have articles or pictures that you know you’ll use or refer to later.  Here are a few examples of pages I’ve torn out and saved from several of mine:

  • Cute pictures that you may use to make homemade cards, embellish pages of a scrapbook, or craft projects for the kids
  • Recipes that you want to try
  • Pages with instructions, parts lists, supply sources and pictures/diagrams to help you build projects for your home

In the process of performing this task for myself I’ve discovered that for many of my magazines, 80 percent or more of the pages are filled with advertising or articles that I don’t wish to keep.  I chose the articles that I know will be of benefit and relevant to how I spend my time.  Buy a couple of binders to hold those reference articles, how-to instructions, pictures, and recipes.  You’ll quickly increase shelf space, eliminate years of accumulation that you won’t have to store and move anymore, and have what’s important to you at your fingertips.



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