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Most Favorite Time of Year?

Fall leaves and acorns
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What’s yours? I drift between Spring and Fall.  At the end of one I long for the other. Each bring their reminders of the circle of life.  I embrace them heartily but distinctly aware of motivations for my gusto.

Spring has the effect of invigorating enthusiasm and energy upon every aspect of my being.  I feel inspired to spend more time outdoors.  I long to dig my fingers deep in the dirt and anxiously look for signs each day of surprises from beneath the surface of fresh and perky daffodil, crocus, and tulip leaves.  These first signs allow my soul to sigh in relief that an end to bitter and dreary days is near.  The Robins arrive with their songs, scratching and pecking around new shoots of Peony, Iris and Bleeding Heart.  Daily the sun nudges the sleepy leaves of aged Oaks, anxious Maples, and confetti Cottonwoods.

Fall’s shortened days and water color skies heralds the sounds of coaches whistles, cheering crowds, and crunchy leaf-covered sidewalk journeys.  The canopies overhead gasp at the chill and  turn vivid colors, daring to hang on to their shady purposes until at last, Winter‘s winds banish them a final farewell as parents rake and children jump and frolick.  Smells of cider and the early morning scent of bacon and logs aflame join in what will become a liturgy of the senses for the next few months.

Spring calls out promise and reward for any effort you expend.  Fall ushers a time of contemplation, counting your blessings, and preparing us to exercise our patience.  I am thankful for both of these seasons with equal enjoyment…the older I get the faster Summer flies, and the longer Winter takes to finish!  Thomas Moore in his book “Dark Nights of the Soul” talks about many deaths in one’s life.  It truly takes many cycles of all four of these seasons before that acorn that gets buried by the squirrel turns into the magnificent giants creating the dazzling colors throughout our neighborhoods.

Enjoy this season, be conscious of the ritual you partake in by raking leaves, enjoy the time you share with family and friends.

Life is precious Y’all!



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7 thoughts on “Most Favorite Time of Year?

    1. Thanks Karoline! Appreciate you taking the time to comment. I am enjoying the fall colors and temps–just hope it doesn’t turn into winter too quickly. I just read your blog entry about no longer being a picky eater! Hilarious! My children, especially my son, is exactly the same way you described yourself at an earlier age. I keep telling him some day his taste buds will grow up. Take care and keep writing–great job!

  1. Fall and spring are definitely favorites of mine also. In the spring the melting of snow, buds showing promise, temperatures rising, bees searching for early pollen, the first flowers opening, all stir the heart and mind. In the fall the blazing of leaves, the dipping of temperatures, the closing of flowers, all begin the preparations for inner peace and reflections of a year gone by. Your descriptions are inspiring and well written.

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