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My Daughter’s Post on Gays, Gay Marriage and Abortion

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Before I share her post, I must share a little bit about her.  Megan is 16 yrs old, the daughter of two preacher’s kids, and home schooled by my wife.  In our home, we teach tolerance and respect of all people–no exceptions!  What prompted this note that she posted on Facebook is the litany of postings/shares from her friends and some extended family…she told me that she just had to get these feelings outside of herself or she was going to explode.  Seeing comments on her Facebook page that anger her is what ignited this treasured note (titled “Some Things on My Mind”):

I have two things on my mind that I want to say.

Here’s the first one: hate me for this if you will, but I happen to like gays and lesbians.  I’d never really thought much about them until I liked two gay singers, Andy Bell of Erasure and Boy George from Culture Club.  I loved these men for their music, and whenever I enjoy them, I forget about anything and everything concerning their sexuality.  I have no reason to have a grudge against gay people, unless they have physically hurt me, etc.  Even though I believe in God, I think that, since He loves all people, that surely He loves gays and lesbians-they have their place in His heart.

Lastly: though I have not fully contemplated on abortion yet, I do have some certain beliefs.  Talking about going to the March for Life is OK-showing pictures of aborted fetuses is something different.  There’s surely a better way to show the truth about abortion than to terrify, or even anger, some people with such graphic pictures.  Also, I think that we need to look at abortion from a social view.  What choices are both men and women making when they do what they do?  Think not of the pill-ignore it completely-but of the decisions that both the man and woman make.

That’s all I have to say.  I’ve no doubt that some of you will not like my ideas.  That is to be expected.  You may unfriend me if you wish.  But I hope that you understand that I mean not to hurt anyone with my ideas or impose them upon anybody.  I only mean to express to you what I honestly feel.  Sincerely, Megan

I couldn’t be more proud of her for respectfully expressing herself in such an succinct and elegant way!

As for me, someone who grew up in church; I’m quite disgusted at the behavior/comments of many “so-called Christians” whose behavior resembles nothing close to one of the most well-known men to walk this earth–Jesus!

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Smoking isn’t the Only Way to Get Lung Cancer

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Here’s a quote from the Environmental Protection Agency:

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates.  Overall, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year.  About 2,900 of these deaths occur among people who have never smoked.  On January 13, 2005, Dr. Richard H. Carmona, the U.S. Surgeon General, issued a national health advisory on radon.”

If you have not had your home checked for radon gas, I urge you to do so!  Its a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas.  A reading above a four is dangerous to your health. Get a testing kit today if your home has not been tested.

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One Tweet – Twenty Five Recommendations

Just had to share the power of Social Media…in this case, TWITTER!

My children go to the Sump Memorial Library faithfully every week.  Each week my three children check out anywhere from two to four books on average.  They all three read every book they check out.  My sixteen year olds choose their books based on extremely gripping or intriguing plots.  My 12 year old son looks for books that have action, good characters and are a fast-paced read.

The current book series my kids are reading are the Hunger Games.  Due to the speed at which they devour books, I thought I’d ask Twitter land what recommendations they might have for my kids when they finished Hunger Games.  One astute Tweepster @uo_quidditch ( forwarded their recommendation and included @Scholastic in their tweet to me.

Here’s a list of the individuals who tweeted their recommendations:

@SamEveKennedy – Harry Potter; Chronicles of Narnia; Wrinkle in Time; Little House on the Prairie

@KyleWKerr – Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

@mirandahakim – Maze Runner Trilogy

@BennyAlano – Hand Puppet Horror by me!

@What_the_Tim – Blood Red Road by Moira Young and Legend by Marie Lu

@_Lana15 – Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

@letaylor82 – City of Bones

@mlbrackmartin – Suzanne Collins’ earlier series, starting with Gregor the Overlander; Gone by Mike Grant

@Vikkivansickle – Divergent by Veronica Roth and Maze Runner by James Dashner

@KariBradley7  – The Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness

@NathanDunbar – Garth Nix’s Sabriel

@KahlanAla – Delirium by Laren Oliver

@Lit_Explorer – Maze Runner

@KPSimmon – Legend by Marie Lu and Divegent by Veronica Roth

@Goody1505 – Warriors

@uo_quidditch – @sarahresbreena’s The Demon’s Lexicon series or @justinelavaworm’s Liar

@CaptAdjective – Artemis Fowl books

@parchmentgirl37 – Wither (Book 1 in the Chemical Garden Trilogy)

@tordotcom – post-Hunger Games recommendations here in article & comments:

@chooseadventure – Choose Your Own Adventure

@spencerpanger – Maze Runner

@laurendonovan – The Maze Runer series

@lizzy9rule – Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

@taralazar – Beth Revis’ Across the Universe and A Million Suns

@theEVENTgelical – Hat Full of Sky, Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett

As you can see, 25 people tweeted these recommendations over the course of the next two hours.  Amazon might have “recommended” a few choices in the same genre if I searched for Hunger Games.  But nothing is quite as personal and targeted as people who enjoy the same books…a crowd-sourced recommendation like Tweepsters provide is unmatched because there are live people on the other end of my question instead of an algorithm!  Don’t get me wrong, but the idea of several other people across the globe sitting in their pajamas, sipping coffee and sharing their thoughts is much more appealing and personal than lines of code.

My hats off to these Twitter users and especially to Scholastic for playing such a satisfying role in my search for books to add to my children’s reading list!