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A New Approach to Encryption

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Disclaimer:  I am not a Scientist or an Engineer but my mind enjoys reading about and toying in those realms. I have just enough curiosity and intuition to know if something is in the art of possible..but lack the academic formulas and theories to support my suppositions…but for what its worth here’s a stab at my concepts to support development for a new type of encryption for packets flowing through the ether.

This idea all came about when I was on a business trip in Virginia a couple of years ago…I was taking mass transportation after a full day of death by PowerPoint when my bus drove past a tall building made entirely of glass.  It was a sunny day out and there were no barriers between the bus and the building so I was able to see a perfect reflection of the bus with me inside of it, on the glass as we drove past the building.

Now, several things cemented in my mind in that moment.  I felt like Einstein was miniaturized and perched on my shoulder whispering in my ear to pay attention to these observations.  The things I felt important to remember were this:

  • I (a 3-dimensional being), was in a 3-dimensional object moving at a speed of roughly 30 miles per hour
  • I am a living biological form physically consuming/expending energy in an object consuming/expending energy
  • Reflected in the building glass was a 2-dimensional representation (reflection/imitation) of the physical reality
  • The representation (reflection) was possible because of objects, light, shadow, and motion

The really “wow” flash of insight came at the thought of “traceable” movement (observation ability) by looking at the reflection only.  “IF” you study only the movement of the bus and passengers inside by observing the reflection with your eyes–your mind can bring context to that observation and inform you of the reality of what is happening.   However, if you were to somehow put sensors on the glass, there would likely be no measurable readings detected to confirm what your eyes had observed.

(several thoughts just ripped through my head just now about ghosts, other dimensions/planes of existence, etc.)

So anyway, my idea is that there may be a way to use the mass, energy, light, shadow and reflective aspects of these observations in communications transmission technology.  These thoughts I’m sure have other applications in some of the other SciTech arenas.  But, the existence of the physical object as the genesis of a “representation (reflection)” which also mirrors behavior of the physical (Master/Slave ~ Parent/Child inheritance) just might be relevant to a new breakthrough in how we transmit data.  Perhaps using some of these ideas it would be possible to build new technology that would either:

  • Create an algorithm that uses a combination of the physical and the representation of the physical to develop a new style of encryption that require both to decrypt the actual packets transmitted through communications channels/cables/fiber….or
  • standard transmission of packets that uses this (physical & representation) concept to create in-transit auto-error checking and data validation/auditing.  If someone intercepted this volley (the physical packet plus the mirror image it created), the reflection would immediately cease because an obstacle would have somehow caused an interruption in the representation (imitation of the physical) and trip an alert to those monitoring that someone was “in the stream.”

I’d be very interested in hearing from anybody with a Science, Tech or Mathematics background who could lend credibility/validity to these ideas/assumptions…refer me to other related reading/research, or dispute these ideas as impossible.

Thanks for geeking out with me!



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5 thoughts on “A New Approach to Encryption

  1. Ed, very well done. Your article is highly technical, thought provoking and your curiosity, intelligence and reasoning is very well portrayed. It entices the reader to think as well, see the idea that you are expressing and formulate their own thoughts on the subject. Amazing job on a fascinating topic. This is one of the best articles that is technical but also very readable, understandable and thoroughly enjoyable at the same time!
    I enjoy your articles, and always look forward to the next one. They are extremely intelligent and entertaining.
    Good job!!

    1. Thanks Jonathon! I’m glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I’ll have the time to do more thorough research with some of the ideas that swim through my head. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. hi Ed,as Einstein often hinted the true measure of any idea,is in its simplicty…your either see the glass or the reflection of the bus,in any given position…but even when you see the glass,you always end up seeing through it,and the only reason you know its there is because the object behind it appears distorted,or hidden behind a reflection from another object…in the absence of distorted light,or reflection,glass is invisible;and it has to be,so the bus driver sees the road,not the windscreen…same with many other things,,,,i we could see empty space(by empty i mean to the naked eye),then the visiblity of anything beyond it would be obstructed,we couldnt watch tv,because the between our eyes and the screen is occupied by space…Therefore invisiblity or neg visiblity,is what allows the universe to be visible…cheers!!!,and by the way also enjoyed your following blog((i have a book in me))…

  3. A couple of observations:

    1. You said ” if you were to somehow put sensors on the glass, there would likely be no measurable readings detected to confirm what your eyes had observed.”

    What if you put audio senors on the glass? Wouldn’t it hear the bus passing by? The senor would detect a measurable change but not enough to decrypt the visible image that passed by; thereby, preserving the security of your “packet.” I see where you are going with this…

    2. I would drop the “mass” aspect of your theory since a photon of light has no mass. Or is that your point? A reflection of light is part of your system of encryption and deception.

    Optical computing is no longer the stuff of SCIFI; it will replace the movement of electrons in-and-out of transistors to do logic. It’s really cool.

    But how you will transport information and the representation of that information (a shadow, a reflection of sorts) remains a mystery to me. Like you, I am no scientist, though I play one on TV. Seriously, I love thought experiments of the type you described in your opening comments. Thought experiments were the vehicle by which Einstein cracked special and general relativity. Keep the thoughts flowing, Ed. Perhaps one day you too will unlock the mysteries of the universe.

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