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Younger Skin & Profits to Boot!

Lexus RX350
Lexus RX350 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post isn’t about me!  Its a story about continued and proven success in sales!  Its about my sister, Peggy Pearson!

Rodan & Fields Level 5 Skin Care & Dermatology Consultant
Rodan and Fields Level 5 Skin Care and Dermatology Consultant

Peggy has been working in sales for 33 years!  In every venture she’s quickly worked her way into the top tier of best selling consultants and sales reps.  She’s done it again…and this time she’s about to earn a Lexus RX350!  She has become a Skin Care and Dermatology Level 5 Executive Consultant with Rodan & Fields!  You can visit her site here:

This year, their company has come out with an amazing product called the Redefine Macro Exfoliator! This product is an amazing “in-home” microderm abrasion hand-held device that removes dead skin cells!  Two visits to your dermatologist and you’ve paid for the product!  It was so popular they quickly sold out…but not to worry, it will be in stock again in 13 days!  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have developed the patent pending technology that enables an incredible clinically proven visible improvement to the appearance of your skin after only one use!

Peggy has developed an amazing team of consultants, and is quickly rising in the ranks!  She’s involving social media as an aspect of her outreach to grow her team.  Follow her on Twitter @pjpearsn … she’s garnered a list of over 370 other consultants (R+F Consultants), as well as reached out in her local community to curate a list of Arkansas Social Savvy businesses and professionals!  You can take advantage of these resource by clicking on the hyper-linked lists in the previous sentences and subscribe.

If you’re looking to find a virtual mentor in the sales arena…Peggy is the one to watch!  If you have an entrepreneurial side to you and are looking to change a few things in your life–perhaps younger looking and healthier skin is your thing?  The profits aren’t too shabby either!




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2 thoughts on “Younger Skin & Profits to Boot!

  1. Thanks for the kind words and excellent post. Goosebumps! I just heard that our National Leader of Field Development, Justin Keisel, says: “In just 5 years Rodan+Fields Dermatologists will surpass a national revenue which took a global Top 10 company 30 years to create.” We are a company that has gone way beyond the expectations of it’s founders, corporate leaders and fellow consultants alike. What a great feeling to be a part of history in the making!! The Drs. Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields are world leading dermatologists who are committed to creating more millionaires than ANY other direct sells company EVER!

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