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Seeing things Through to Completion

Planter BloomNothing feels as good as a project seen through to completion. But how many of us can report on more than a handful of projects “in the works?” Part of being a person with so many interests is having to endure the “work in progress” state of the many facets of one’s self. I normally consider myself to be an organized person. Yet, so many pieces of me just get started on a project or thought only to be assigned a back seat to something still yet more interesting or important. Who orders such an incomplete existence? Yet it is very much the reality of everything around us–

Lives of children~always learning, reaching, growing
Road construction~patching, filling, rebuilding, reconstructing
Seasons of the year~gloriously in full bloom, fading, transitioning, dying
Careers~Curiosity, Education, Training, performing
Health~vibrant, weakened, nurturing, strong

Finding happiness/satisfaction in the journey of life in all its states of existence is where I have learned to accept and find peace. I’ll never live long enough to accomplish all that I desire, but I will endeavor to live fully in each moment pursuing what my heart finds intriguing. Somehow, along the way…my hope is that a little of my joy, excitement, and fascination for creativity will spark the engine of possibility in you.

I don’t make resolutions anymore, because proclamations tend to be as fleeting as fireflies of summer. Rather, I now invest in the planting of seeds, starts to new beginnings that will come into harvest in their own season. I find treasure and happiness in knowing that across my landscape, there will be many surprising blossoms revealed as I pour my attention towards the heart’s desires.

I hope this posts finds you in pursuit of the joys and interests your heart is trying to show you.  Time is short and waits only for the next moment….with or without us.  Be joyful in your living.




Eternal Optimist, Writer, Music Lover, Avid Gardener, Science & Tech Admirer, Cook, Baker and Social Networking Encourager

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