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Need a Holiday Gift Idea?

Are you someone who supports people who are trying to make their way as an entrepreneur?  My sister-in-law (Bonnie Patterson) has taken the plunge and devoted her existence to pursuing her passion full-time–she is an artist!  Every part of the calendar was created by her!  Each month has a unique piece showcasing her talents.

 Click on any of the pictures below to be taken to her blog where you can order online.

Check out January’s art:

Calendar Buffalo

Here’s the calendar template for each month…
she’s included the lunar cycle and major holidays!

Calendar Details

and thumbnail images of each month’s art:

Calendar Thumbnails (2)

It is a personal goal to see her succeed as an artist.  Everyone needs a calendar to bring in the new year…ship one to a friend as a gift!  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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