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What Would I Chance if I Could Not Fail?

An acquaintance on social media asked me “what would I chance if I knew I would not [fail] fall?” Here’s my response…

– Do away with the two-party system (Republicans/Democrats)

— Require that elected representatives vote their conscience, instead of a corporate/party position

— Return power and decision making to municipalities and states; but include states in setting, planning, and achieving nationally voted priorities and objectives

– Develop and fund a national & global vision for medical and space research

– Find ways to reduce the cost of medical care (comparable case study~SpaceX vs $huttle program)

– Eliminate hunger and homelessness!

– Immediate removal from power/control any national leader who inflicts pain, injury or death to their people

– Re-market the care, availability and necessity of treatment for those suffering from mental health issues

– Reform education in all aspects: costs, management, delivery, consumption options

– Draw a line in the sand regarding energy reform to invest in the protection of our planet at all cost

That’s what came to mind as I thought over the question…. I know it doesn’t sound personal…but to live in a world managed by the conditions above would make me truly feel safe, happy and proud of our humanity.