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Collaboration and Future Technology Adoption

Understanding of culture and trust are critical to successful collaboration! Collaboration is about relationships and people…yet

• Teenagers would rather text than make a phone call
• Tech savvy GenX folks would rather chat than email
• Gamers would rather gamify problems than attend another meeting
• YouTube is our teacher, Google & Twitter is our Oracle; Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and expand our ever-growing sense of community
• Will we accept digital spouses?
• Will we choose to allow those who pass to be kept alive (“life-like” in a hologram) digitally after death?

In a world where …

• Cars drive themselves; refrigerators report our shopping list to the local grocer delivery service; and electronic records automation free up more of our time in our future domestic lives

• Through business intelligence back ends…. Status and Readiness Dashboards will keep our leaders informed; menu option decision-making will save time; machines will take over many more of our manual labor processes; and technology will help us defend our skies and borders.

What will we do with more free time? …

Collaboration can help us as global citizens engage more in the exploration, discovery, governing, and opportunities to search for solutions to humanitarian and ethical challenges like our founding fathers envisioned….a civic-minded community. Collaboration combined with technological advancements will transform us from an information to a cognitive society.

However, we need to find collaboration and automation solutions that build security into our capabilities! Adoption is often slow because of a distrust in our technology to protect our personal privacy and our nation’s secrets.

This post is meant to make you think and ponder about where we are headed. What are the implications of the choices we’re making today? What do you think about how we are handling our advancements thus far?