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Five Ways to Get More Out of Your Meetings

Get Your Poop In A Group

As a 29-year veteran of the information, collaboration and knowledge management profession I have attended thousands of meetings. Below are five simple steps to ensure success for the meetings you host:

1 – Start With A Plan!

Franklin Covey says to “use your resourcefulness and initiative.” This encouragement suggests that none of us has enough resources alone, but together, we may have enough between us to succeed if we cooperate and clearly communicate. The reason for most meetings is to “get something from” or “give something to” someone else in the presence of others. In most cases, the result of meetings is an information exchange resulting in a decision or agreement between those present. If you are having meeting for any other reason, you might reconsider and instead send an email, make a quick phone call or video conference with one or two people rather than call a meeting.


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