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Know Your ? …. Knowledge Management Rumblings

Get Your Poop In A Group

The following collection of thoughts come from the last two years of working in the field of Knowledge Management.  Each organization is different… so of course, there is never a one size fits all philosophy.  However, the thoughts that follow come from working with great collaborative people…in person, and virtually!

There is no more entertaining an exercise in a professional environment than watching reactions of workers who have had their cheese moved without someone giving them prior notice.  Word to the wise–in all organizational change efforts (people, process, or tools) inform and involve all stakeholders!  Below are some helpful hints!

Knowledge Management Activity:  Observation, analysis and recommendations across the organization to optimize alignment of resources (people, processes, and technology) to support the individuals serving the purposes of the organization.

Start With Why:  Unless everyone who will participate, contribute or consume are on the same page with the reason you are providing a…

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