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What a Wonderful World

Today is the 19th of October.  I have spent HOURS at Starbucks today.  I decided to write my 100th post on this blog to begin a new era of sharing.

My Twitter profile states that my motto is Promoting others.  So I’m going to begin using this blog for quick posts in a category called “Shorts” for writing observations/experiences worth sharing.

Starbucks is a wonderful place for meeting people you know and learning about and meeting those you don’t.  Just sitting in the comfy cushiony chairs at the Starbucks in Papillion, I just met two new people.  Brandon and Lizzy…both college students working on papers.  They saw me as a target of opinion opportunity and asked my thoughts on procrastination.  I said “you know, they say if you wait til the last minute, it only takes a minute.” (don’t know where that was first stated but its not mine).  They were engaging and spontaneously conversational–love coffee shops!

Anyway, I had a great visit with a good friend Nick (met first through social media) during a study break to catch up on how things are going.  He knits (twitter handle @programmerman) and I crochet–we’re talking about creating a meeting group in the local Omaha area for men who enjoy these types of crafts.  Eventually, our group would be creating hats and scarves for homeless people.  What makes our group unique is that the donated items would all be hand-crafted by men.  I got the idea from reading the “Athena Doctrine” … the second story shared in the book talks about Grannies Inc. which does similar work but by grandmas.

So, that’s the latest update brewing in my head.  I have about 10 weeks left in my Master’s program and then I can spare more time to working with Nick and other men in the Omaha area to develop this group.  Anyone have any thoughts about how to make this idea catch on and draw other crafters out of the woodwork?  We’re looking for ways to find and encourage other guys who also enjoy crafting to join our group.  Follow this new group on Twitter @menspin  I hope you’ve had a great weekend.