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Humanity’s Sacred Story

My latest poem …. which inspired my currently pinned condensed tweet version on

Every human being is a story being written

Whose words have just not yet been put to page

Beginning with the eyes, ears and tending hands of others

Until we are able to begin choosing our own futures

Some stories are written by the author, others by a believer

The believer is someone who feels the story so powerful

It cannot be left unwritten for fear of story loss

Some stories must be chronicled for the sake of humanity

Stories recorded by those who don’t want to lose the value of

Love and charity given by lives so selfless

Success and ingenuity by unstoppable dreamers

Sacrifice and freedom by those who reach for better tomorrows

Stories shared by the author are a treasured gift

The why and how of living a better life

Encouragement and examples to strive for something more

How not to take our gifts of story for granted

Every human has a story to share

Not just the story being lived, but the story observed

For each perspective offers a different point of view

And shares an individual perception of value

If we could all tell our stories

If we could all know each other’s stories

Would we choose to live our stories differently?

Would we regard each other’s stories as sacred?

Every human has value, offers perspective, and is sacred

Every story offers insight without the cost of experience

Every story shared by its author is a treasure

Every story shared by an observer is a gift