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Citizen Response – Time for Action

This is my response to someone’s Facebook comment regarding the outcome of the 2016 election I just thought I’d share.

Personally, I was disappointed in all the candidates the available parties offered up. Seriously?? Of all the amazing, educated, passionate individuals this country has, our parties couldn’t find anyone better to put up for options in the primaries?? The fact that you have to be “in the game” or obscenely wealthy to play is part of what’s wrong with the whole system.

Our choices in candidates were “qualifications” to hold a government office (not necessarily the president) or an activism representative “against” (disgust/revolt) the system [your pick of 1 of 3 parties]. Forget about an option for someone with integrity, statesmanship, maturity or values our founding fathers would bless.

There are two points that should poke us all in the eye:

1) We rank 31st out of 35 countries for percentage of eligible voters who actually turn out to vote (partially because of increasingly restrictive state voting laws [time frame in which to vote]; AND because many people think their vote doesn’t really matter/count.)

2) Too many people believe that circling an oval and calling it good is the extent of their citizen’s duty and don’t take the time (competes with so many other personal priorities) to educate themselves on how to be an engaged participant in this democracy at the local level, and communicate their dissatisfaction through local representatives with where our electorate is taking the country at the national level.) We truly need to be at the “trust but verify” (and respond when dissatisfied) with EVERY elected official.

This election outcome (voter turnout & presidential pick w/our electoral college rules) was a passive aggressive response (disgust w/where our country is–is headed) by the American people to a situation in which we share equal blame.

Through public discourse (and I don’t necessarily mean on Facebook or social media of any sort–please God get your news from some place reputable), engagement (face to face) at the municipal and state levels; and collective citizen participation in our law-making/electoral processes we all have the right … no, the responsibility, to hold ourselves and our elected officials accountable for what we believe to be the principles that will help us be UNITED (OF the “people”, BY the “people”, FOR THE “PEOPLE!”