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A Writer’s Gift

We are surrounded by people, places and things each labeled with a word

The action and reactions between these “words” gives life to events

How these events are connected is the essence of story

The outcome of each evokes feelings, thoughts and motivates behavior

Our individual stories are influenced by this cycle

Some scratch their heads and continue their activities

Some join a movement or volunteer their help

A writer is compelled to shape a different narrative

Reveal what’s hidden

Give voice to the unspoken

Offer courage to the timid

Inject an opposing view

Liberate the constrained

Reconcile the exiled

Simplify the complex

Expel laughter from the uptight

Provide clarity to the muddled

Sometimes we want to be entertained to break up the monotony

We should consider our shared humanity, the shortness of life,

and be reminded of the differences between people, places and things

Not just because we are at a loss for words, but sometimes “words” fail us