This page will be a collection of website links to things that I discover or have been recommended to me.  I might be what one would call a renaissance man so you’ll find an eclectic collection of sites.  This list might give you an idea of what kind of topics I like to discuss with friends, or I will or have taken time to journal, blog, or tweet about.

MIT‘s Free Video Lectures:  (look for a “play” button icon next to the course when you click on a particular subject.)

GIZMAG is an entrepreneurial innovator’s support system that is unmatched!  Not only do they carry the latest tech articles/videos in fields common to most, they are also interested in stories or new ideas across a wide spectrum of fields.  If you have a breakthrough discovery, you might want to contact them…they just might post your discovery or invention!

Twitter Hashtag Chat Group Index:  This is a wiki page I put together to coral the list of important chats that helps new and seasoned social media participants in using social platforms.  This wiki page is intended as a Communities of Interest index focused on the broader aspects of Blogging, Branding & Marketing, Social Media & Talent/Jobs. Interested in Chat groups that are not field specific ~ this one is not intended to list chat groups for every single genre or line of business, (insurance, medicine, etc.)

Jeff Saer’s Periodic Table of  Google Analytics: 



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