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Web Marionettes Instead of Webmasters

Geant marionette
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A short post about the creative powers of people who are otherwise known as webmasters, web maintainers, coders, codeheads, developers or all around magicians. I say magicians because they turn function into form and dreams into design.  Translated simply they are the people who create intuitive web applications to help you and me go shopping, book hotels, airline tickets, perform currency conversions, estimate our taxes, apply for a mortgage, pay bills, invest money, by our Valentine a special something….all from the comfort of our homes!

I call these people marionettes because they are the ones creating and then pulling  the strings to make the little puppet dance.  You know the type, for example…Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) he came up with an idea for a way to put skilled people back to work, but didn’t have skills to create the site, so he went to Elance, and hired a programmer to turn is dream into a design which made him into a multimillionaire!  Elance is a great site for people with skills to be their own boss, bid on jobs, post their resumes and links to previous accomplishments, etc.

As a developer or programmer, you sit in meetings listening to people describe, as best they can, some problem they’re trying to solve or a capability that would help improve some antiquated process.  These marionettes then get the incredible tasks of interpreting what the dreamer wants into a functioning transaction platform with a simple but, come-again user interface to help people interact with other people or data.  That’s it–boiled down to the basics.  Before an acceptable BETA version is handed back to the dreamer, hours of coding and testing and questioning volunteer guinea pigs must occur.  Once the dreamer sees his or her dream through a browser window, then is when the “Oh you know what else I was thinking?” or “Too bad it doesn’t do this too!” comments take the marionette back to the spinning wheel to create more string to finally allow the dreamer “or puppet” to go out there and dance.

The dreamer gets the publicity, and the developer gets the challenges/frustration and ultimate achievement of having once again turned function into form and dream into design.  So even though for many developers, that in itself is the reward…don’t forget to thank your webmasters, developers, and programmers—if not for them and their strings and skillful craft, you couldn’t dance!

Dream on….