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Writer’s Rapture Unrequited

The alluring mental cinema flickers;
visiting just long enough to hook me
then vanishes like a dream upon waking,
when I attempt to preserve in prose

Places with smells from yesterdays
Foods embedded with maternal memories
Feelings rise without warning of the flood
Injecting hair raising literary adrenaline

These brief encounters of sight and smell
trigger boldness and resurrect confidence
driving instinct and insistence without apology
holding hostage my rapt attention and wonder

A dog barks, a siren sounds, the door slams
Suddenly, the spell is broken and time begins again
Torn by the fading story line and the present crashing in,
with sadness I address reality and mourn the flash

Oh fleeting phantom who overpowered me
where are you now, you teasing haunt?
So palpable and demanding, you possessed me!
But now render me rubbish and discarded

I sit staring, trying to recall the essence
retracing my mental steps in hopes of recapture
for just a moment I know I felt complete! Tick tock
The crickets chirp and the screen stares back at me…

Original Poem Written By:  Ed Milligan, 9 September 2011

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National Poetry Month

This is my attempt at honoring National Poetry Month!  One goal this year is to acquaint myself with all the National Holidays and special days recognized and celebrated by all the peoples of the United States of America.  So, I did a little research and came up with over seventy reasons to celebrate throughout the year!

At first, I wrote my poem and decided because of the content it should be titled “Spring, Sprang, Sprung!”…but I did a quick check on Google to see if I would be stepping on previous author’s toes and decided to steer clear.  So, here’s my attempt to capture my favorite season and celebrate National Poetry month!

Spring Demands Attention!

The wind chimes clang

as mornings rays gently pry

tender crocus, tulip and daffodils rejoice

tis Spring cries the Robin!

Soils perfume a moist radiant air

a mix of cut grass and tree blossoms bright

the panorama is a bouquet of celebration

Winter’s spell is broken honk the geese!

Children frolic and explore the earth reborn

clouds herald the supply of natures drink

bees buzz excitedly at each colorful revelation

“Arise!” demands the sun!

By:  Ed Milligan

I’m excited at what I will learn about people and culture in this little self-imposed continuing education assignment to explore and understand the history behind each of these holidays.  I’ve added a few links to help you learn a little more about the history of National Poetry Month and how you can participate:

The history of National Poetry Month (started in 1996) A hub for poets everywhere!

April 14th is “Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Find out what’s happening in your state to celebrate National Poetry Month.

For those in NebraskaPoetry Menu (great contests, opportunities for educators!)


Go ahead now!  Its your turn.  Try it–you may discover you have talent hidden in places forgotten!  Have a great weekend everybody!

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