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Back in the Saddle

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I’m not going to write much this entry–I’m just trying to get back into my writing routine.

Our move to Papillion, NE is finally really at an end and a rhythm has worked its way into our family routines.  There are just a few things from the old place to move to our new home but my morning routines find me putzing in the yard with existing landscape or planting fall garden vegetables.  Our Border Collie demands her daily walk through the neighborhood to sniff traces of all the other new four-legged friends.  Robyn started the fall 2011 homeschool regimen with the kids again today.

With so much room in our new house, there are so many places to escape and gain privacy and quiet.  There’s also places to find writing inspiration outside on the front porch watching neighborhood children, squirrels and birds…or in the back yard with the stone walls surrounding the basketball court.  My goal is to someday have our place looking as beautiful as Butchart Gardens in Canada!  I am in awe with that style of formal gardens that both invites and sets at peace all who enter.  So, of course, I found a great sale at Lowes on Boxwood and purchased ten 2 gallon sized specimens to begin framing the gardens that some day people will drive by just to gawk!

I’m thankful to be in a position once again where I can create, dream and share with you!

G’nite all!

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Public Libraries ~ A Trove of Bargains

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If you’re a parent, student, or looking to increase your own collection of books, you may find your next treasure at your local public library.

In addition to adding new publications upon request, many public libraries operate their own book store.  Sump Memorial Library in Papillion, Nebraska have a small book store with donated and older editions of books that have been taken off the shelf to make room for new titles.

Great Bargains at your local public library!
Great Deals at Sump Memorial Library in Papillion Nebraska

My wife takes our children to a weekly writing and reading group hosted at Sump.  While the children are attending their classes, she takes time to browse the latest additions in the book store.  Today, she brought home two complete sets of encyclopedias.  1) Encyclopedia of World Geography (24 Vol set), published by Marshall Cavendish Corporation in 1994, the 2008 edition sells for $714;  2)  Encyclopedia of the Nations (5 Vol set) published by Thomson Gale in 2007 sells at Amazon new for $663; as well as The History of Art for Young People (5th Edition), which sold new for $104.

She bought all 30 hardbound publications for an awesome $7.50…that’s right–I said seven dollars and fifty cents~with no shipping, and no waiting!  The best thing is, the History of Art is still “History” no matter how long after publishing the book–the information is still relevant–there’s only been more history added after the ink dried.  You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to supplement what the public school system uses to teach your children.  These books make great family activity distractions when there’s nothing to watch on television.  The articles and pictures are great fodder for creative writing projects and the best part–you’re not breaking the bank!

Your public libraries are a great resource if you are looking for ways to bring activity options to your family.  For some families, the library is their only access to computers, after-school activities for children, and a place to take practice ACT or SAT exams.  I challenge everyone to reach out and support their local libraries.